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Integrating the mobile application and web platform, Freezee Mall is an e-commerce solution that sells high-quality frozen products.

Freezee Mall

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Freezee Mall E-commerce Project


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Online stores have become a new trend for retailers, and many offline businesses have turned to e-commerce in the face of fierce market rivalry.

Under the pandemic, people prefer to stay home instead of dining outside. Combining website and mobile commerce has made it easier for customers to place orders, giving merchants an absolute advantage.

Freezee Mall Show Case

Valuable User Experience

Easy to use

- simple and user-friendly design, smooth experience with both website and app version


- Able to purchase frozen products from all around the world


- Support multiple payment methods, flexible delivery dates


Blue stands for trust, loyalty, and sincerity. Therefore, Freezee Mall uses a blue palette for its main color theme. While delivering a comfortable shopping experience, we would also like to specify that Freezee Mall is trustworthy.


There are several benefits for e-commerce to acquire both a website and mobile application. One key feature of having a mobile app is to allow customers to purchase and manage their orders anytime, anywhere. Besides, it also enables push notifications for customers to receive the latest news from Freezee Mall, effortlessly promoting upcoming news right to the target audience.


Webpages and the mobile version play different roles in the e-commerce network. Compared to an application, a website is a better platform for postage and updating information. With the help of search engine optimization (SEO), it reaches potential customers more efficiently through keyword searches and can receive analytical data simultaneously.


Not every new customer is willing to download the application immediately after one use. Therefore it is also essential for businesses to build a responsive website to ensure a smooth user experience even by browsing the website on your mobile phone.

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