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Freezee Mall is an e-commerce solution that sells frozen products on both Website and App.

Freezee Mall

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Freezee Mall E-commerceProject


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We understand time is precious. Freezee Mall supports both Website and App so that you can order your products using all kinds of devices.

In order to convince customers to complete their order, we implemented various common payment methods in Hong Kong. For example: PayMe, FPS, and PayPal.

Freezee Mall Show Case

Valuable User Experience


- use App and Website everywhere


- sell food from all around the world


- different way to pay, different date to deliver


The theme color is blue. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence and truth. We want customers to feel relaxed while shopping at Freezee Mall. Ice and frozen items are represented in blue color, hoping to emphasize the important of well stored frozen food.


App is built to facilitate customers to place and manage orders using their phone. Users can access their order history and manage their orders. Pop-up notification from app can remind customers about their purchase and encourage them to shop again.


The main difference between App and Website is that they serve different purposes. On top of placing orders, a Website can contain more information than an App. A Website can attract new customers because a Website can serve for SEO purpose. It enables the website to appear on public search.


We understand that customers might not download the App right away, but a good responsive web design should allow users to view the website on their phone without any problem.