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Maid Sis is a better platform to connect employers and domestic helpers. Enabling quick matches and provide more opportunities through technology.

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The emergence of Maid Sis targets to address the current inconvenience and restrictions on hiring foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. All along, families have been introduced and matched through traditional domestic helpers intermediaries.

In addition to being restricted from operating hours of agencies, families also lack the opportunity to make direct communications with helpers. Therefore, MaidSis is here to provide a 24/7, unbreakable platform to help them find suitable pairing options for employment.

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Valuable User Experience

Easy to use

- With multiple features and frequent updates


- Instant chat function to connect at any time


- Receiving text message authentication upon signing up as a member


We chose warm colors as the primary theme in our design. Like how the color tone associates with the meaning of welcome, comfy, and pleasure, we hope the app can help employers hire an enthusiastic domestic helper.


Maid Sis supports downloads from both iOS and Android users. In terms of functional settings, we have adopted customized configurations such as instant messaging, SMS verification, and online payment.

Meanwhile, we are also concerned about the privacy issues of users. The purpose of adding SMS authentication is to avoid privacy breaches and spam accounts, speeding up the matching process between them.

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Many startups face frustration and confusion when it comes to marketing their product. As a comprehensive partner, Better Pi does not mind taking a step further to provide customers with initial promotional services. As for Maid Sis, we've designed social media posts for them to let more people be aware of their brand.

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