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Maid Sis is a better platform to connect employers and helpers. Our technology can help you to find the perfect match.

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Maid Sis provides a platform that allows employers to access domestic helper's profiles at any time and anywhere. No need to care about business hours anymore, because Maid Sis operates 24/7.

Traditionally employers hire domestic helpers through agencies. As a result, both employers and domestic helpers have limited choice. The key about finding the right domestic helper is MATCHING.

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- users can check the update at anytime


- instant chat function after matching


- SMS verification for each member


We used warm color like the orange-red color. The warm color associates with meanings of welcome, comfortable and happiness. Hope this app will help employers to hire an enthusiasatic domestic helper.


Maid Sis App supports both iOS and Android version. Tailor-made functions are included in the Maid Sis App, such as instant message, SMS verification and in-app-purchase.

Instant message allows employer and domestic helper to interact with each other. While, SMS verification is included to avoid spam accounts. In-app-purchase allows users to pay conveniently.

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We provide advertising service to our clients. Facebook AD of Maid Sis App is designed by us. Using the social media platform to promote the App can arouse the awareness of public.