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Better Pi


Circle is an interesting geometry. When you divide the circumference by its diameter, you always get Pi. We believe the digital world has endless opportunities, just like Pi has endless decimal places. Nowadays, scientists are still exploring circles to achieve a BETTER PI.

About Us

We are Better Pi, a software development company in Hong Kong.

We understand not every company has its own tech team to develop their IT solutions, that's why we have a mission in mind - help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to achieve their business growth by providing innovative IT solutions.

We believe technology can make a positive impact on business, come and expand your business with us!

What We Do

We continuously strive for innovative services to bring more value to your business!

Digital Transformation

Improve your core competencies


Expand your sales channels

Mobile App

Bring versatility to your business

Web Design

Improve your brand image with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Key Services

We specialize in developing softwares and application programs that boost business performance. Our key services will help you reach your goals!

Tailor Made

Be innovative. The sky's the limit! Not only 6 services. We also provide custom made project for you!

Your idea

Our Latest Projects

Our trustworthy IT solutions bring versatility to our clients and help them achieve long term business growth.

With the funding of up to 75% cost from Technology Voucher Programme (TVP), you can now unleash your business potential by using our solutions.

Freezee Mall

Freezee Mall

Online Shop

FreezeeMall is an e-commerce solution that sells frozen products on both Website and App.


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Maid Sis

Maid Sis

Matching Platform

Maid Sis is an online platform for employers to meet their future domestic helpers. Employers can start an instant message conversation with potential domestic helpers in the app.


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Coupon App


Coupon Platform

Corphub is a platform for corporations to manage their promotion coupon and allow customer to use the QR code provided in the app to enjoy all the discounts.


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Dr Queue


Info Platform

DrQueue does not just provide detailed information about each doctor and clinic, but also the updated waiting time.


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ecWash Mobile

Service Platform

ecWash Mobile smoothens your laundry experience! You can check the usage status of washing machines before going to your favourite laundromat.


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Our Clients

We treasure our relationship with clients. No matter which industry you belong to, we are always here to support.

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