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Corphub provides an effective way to drive customers to your business and boost sales.

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Discover coupons by customers through Corphub. Corphub provides a platform to display your coupons. Customers only need to show the QR code at checkout, then the discount will be applied automatically.

Coupon App Show Case

Valuable User Experience


- apply coupons with your phone


- publish feeds to promote your brand


- support dynamic notifications


The theme color is gold. Gold color symbolizes money. Using coupon is the most direct way to save money when spending. We hope Corphub can help cooperate to boost up their sales and facilitate customers to save money.

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Corphub is designed to facilitate customer to look up for coupon. Customer may search coupon based on category or store name. Customers can also bookmark the coupon from their interested brand for future use.

Moreover, Corphub is easy to use. After selecting a coupon, a QR code will be display for customers to show during checkout. Another highlight of Corphub is that notification will be sent to customers to remind customer to use the coupon by it's expiration date.

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Corphub supports cooperate to set up and manage their own coupon. Cooperate can set their coupon conditions and expiration date through Corphub. Corphub can also statistically show the popularity of each coupon. More than that, Corphub also provides a platform for cooperates to post their feeds in order to promote their brand.

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