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ecWash acts as a bridge between laundromats and their users by saving time to do more important things.


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Save Time

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Not every household owns a washing machine. Especially for people who live alone, they don't have to do the laundry every day. Targeting in this market, laundromats have become more common in Hong Kong. ECWash Mobile thus uses technology to assist users in finding available laundromats around them.

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Valuable User Experience

Easy to use

- It's easy to locate laundries all over Hong Kong


- Simply scan the QR code to start the process


- Monitor remaining time and receive notifications


The designer chose blue as the theme color as we want users to feel refreshing after using the ECWash Mobile to do their laundry. Meanwhile, the designer also uses a yellow tone to express the convenience and hygienic laundromat service from ECWash Mobile.


ecWash Mobile is your good laundromat partner. The search function lists nearby laundries and keeps updating the usage status of the washing machines.

The unique QR code allows users to receive information about the laundry process and make arrangements during the waiting time.

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