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DrQueue helps users to search for doctors and clinics.
Just like how OpenRice helps you find local delicacies and restaurants.

Dr Queue

Project Key Features

Google Map

Waiting Time

Searching Doctors

Dr Queue AppProject


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Many must have experienced before, waiting in line for a long time before actually receiving the doctor's diagnosis. Therefore, DrQueue strives to shorten your waiting time and provide accurate predictions according to past reviews of the clinic. With extensive data coverage on medical facilities in Hong Kong, DrQueue thus offers comprehensive service to its users.

Dr Queue Show Case

Valuable User Experience


- Discovering options immediately


- Able to leave comments and gradings after visiting the clinic


- 20 different specialists to choose from with highly readable contents


The green color is associated with health and relaxation. And we hope every user can gain the benefits of these attributes after using the application and continue to live their wondrous life after getting treatments from the best.


Using the Global Management System and Google Map, DrQueue accurately marks your current location to find a doctor near you.

Meanwhile, having the function to leave comments increases the transparency of clinics. Because patients can write reviews about the quality of service, other users can have a better understanding of the doctors.


Content Management System (CMS) is commonly used for the control and updating of website contents. As for the CMS in DrQueue, it effectively manages data from doctors and clinics to monitor waiting times in real-time. Additionally, backend managers can also download Excel-formatted data tables for further business profiling.

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